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Horváth, Kiss & Bene Legal Partners is a member of “AIEL – Association of Independent European Lawyers”, London, UK, a network of independent English speaking, but multilingual, law firms located in the European Union, its border countries and other strategic locations throughout the world. Members are small to medium sized firms who can offer a truly cost effective, yet experienced, alternative to the large international law firms.

The Association was established in 1991 with the purpose of creating a network of law firms in Europe and throughout the world to refer and interact on behalf of clients across the various legal systems. The Association is now a large international network of accessible lawyers who can provide commercial and private client services with modern professionalism.

The Association has proved particularly advantageous to clients whose expanding business and investment interests brings them into contact with EU law and the legal systems of European and other international jurisdictions. The network continues to expand with both the accession of new member States in the European Union and the demands of increasing globalization.

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